This is the new website for the Face Research Laboratory at the University of Stirling. We are a group of four faculty, three postdocs and three doctoral students, interested in various aspects of human face recognition and perception.

This website is still under construction. Please check back regularly for updates!

If you know anyone who has, or has children with #prosopagnosia, aka #FaceBlindness, please get in touch with @jud41 @StirUni_Psych @stirfacelab

🚨Spread the word! 🚨 Jud is looking for children aged 7-17 who have difficulty recognising faces (as well as those that have no difficulty) to take part in an online study. Please contact @jud41 for more information!

Judith Lowes@jud41

🚨Seeking child participants with face recognition difficulties (and without) for online study. RT’s appreciated!

Calling face research people! Does anyone know of an existing 1 in 10 task (as in the image below) that’s already set up (i.e. with all arrays and target images) that’s available for use? Or do you have one we could use? @pjbhancock @davidwhitephd @bjbalas

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We would like to acknowledge the support we receive from the following funding bodies

The Experimental Psychology Society

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